Grandfather Clock

Contemporary Grandfather Clock

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Contemporary pendulum clock. Fully made by steel and white stone. Exclusively mix of fine German Kieninger movement and the small waterfall 220v in the back over the white stone by using pure water and possibly to color ita s per acquarium. Short thin pendulum made of genuine carbon fiber.


Chromed or steel execution for all metal pars visible
Steel case supporting the stones
220v waterpump for a relaxing waterfall continued in the back of the pendulum
Stone pieces in the bottom for a natural sounding of the falling water
Chromed and carbon fiber pendulum
Glass covering and protecting the dial


Original German mechanical movement from the company Kieninger, they do clock movements in the Black Forest since 1912 made of solid high thick brass. It plays the Westminster chime quarterly and the strokes hourly on bells. Accessories also include: the exclusive carbon fibre chromed pendulum is German made by the Jaeckle company since 1888. Clock movement features: self oiling, self centring, self regulating and you may rotate minute hand counterclockwise trouble free. Moreover clock may not chime night time from 10pm untill 7.15am automatically. Clock winding is weekly by pulling down the free part of each chain and so making the weight moving up. It goes down 12cm per day making the clock running and chiming.

Including a two year warrantee