Ashleigh and Burwood: Fragrance Lamp - Lilac

This fragrance lamp is dressed with mosaic pieces and accessorised with a decorative silver cap, the effect is truly eye catching.



  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Multi
  • Product Information: Fragrance lamps are an incredibly powerful way to fragrance your home, and consequently do not need to be used for extended periods of time. For the optimum balance of room fragrancing with fragrance usage, we recommend to burn your lamp for around 25-30 minutes per time (an average sized room is about 20sqm).
  • 1x Funnel
  • 1x Leaflet with information and instructions on use
  • 1x Fragrance Lamp (body, stone/wick assembly, snuffer-cap, decorative crown
  • 99% kills dust and bacteria